My Story

My name is Kyle. Like you, I have ADHD. My journey started in childhood. It was really hard to focus, and I mean really hard to focus. If a teacher was explaining a project I would get this itch to get up and pace around my desk constantly. Moving constantly was a necessity, and sitting down was an awful chore. Staring at a wall for twenty minutes was easier than doing the work in front of me. I remember spending more time thinking about the task I was going to do instead of doing it. 

I would often wonder “why can’t I do what the other kids are doing? Why can’t I sit down and simply do the task at hand? Why was everything so difficult?” 

I thought many of the issues would go away in adulthood, but that wasn’t the case. In fact,  as I entered the professional and corporate worlds things only got worse. I fell asleep in meetings, missed presentation deadlines, and couldn’t keep a schedule to save my life.  What was I missing?

It didn’t make sense. I was an achiever, an honors student my whole life, obtained a master’s degree in I/O psychology from a rigorous university, had a great corporate job, and by many standards considered “successful.” Even with those achievements, it still took more effort, energy, and time to get simple tasks done.

Have you ever felt like despite your best efforts with ADHD you still can’t stack up? Does your ADHD get in the way of your job? What about all the other functions of your life? 

Have a hard boss you can’t connect with? What about consistently missing deadlines? Been fired before, but didn’t know why? These topics are not only necessary to survive, but thrive in today’s work world. 

The problem is organizations can’t have these conversations with you. Whether it’s legal or time, organizations are not giving you the tools, resources, and conversations you need to have to move you forward. Don’t get me wrong, they want to, but often can’t due to several restrictions. 

Where does this leave you? You get stuck in limbo where organizations want you to get better, punish you if you don’t, but don’t give you the resources, conversations, or time needed to make the improvements. 

How is that fair to you? How can you be expected to grow without the correct materials? 

This is why I created Cubefulness. Like many other people, I’ve struggled from not only ADHD but troubles performing in the workplace. I founded this site, service, and business to lend a hand to people who are struggling with the same issues.   

My Promise To You

My coaching and consulting are meant to help you manage your ADHD, move your career forward, and assist you with the quirks of life. Whether you need help managing a schedule, figuring out what you want to do for a career, or tips, tricks, and resources to help you navigate your job day to day. All of these are available to you.